Alongside the team on the yard and loyal owners, sponsors and supporting brands are a vital element in Anand’s success and the running and development of Tower Hill Equestrian.

Anand is honoured to be supported by and represent a number of highly regarded equestrian brands.


Dengie Horse Feeds

The support from Dengie is exceptional.  Their nutritional advice on feeding the horses to achieve their optimal performance is outstanding.  All of the Tower Hill Equestrian horses are fed on a Dengie diet that is #fuelledbyfibre


HiForm logo black

Hi Form Equine

Hi Form harnesses the power and strength of nature by using the highest grade tissue salts, organic herbal extracts, wild crafted herbs and top quality amino acids in their supplements.  No balancers, no fillers. No preservatives, no colours, no flavours, no binders.  Just finely milled ingredients for high palatability and absorption.

Dreamcatcher and Celana are both on Oxydane – The most advanced Daily supplement in the world and ProflamAid Plus – Unparalleled Joint & Muscle support.



Majyk Equipe

So good we’ve all but nearly stopped using bandages!

Keeping the horses in prime condition is of paramount importance to everyone at Tower Hill.  Majyk Equipe boots offer unrivalled protection for the horses legs.  Whether that is during every day schooling, hacking at warming up at competitions, all of Anand’s horses are fully kitted it in the best protection around.


Childeric Logo

Childeric Saddles

Anand is proud to ride in the beautiful and bespoke saddles from Childeric.  The attention to detail in both the making and the fitting of the saddles is second to none.



Somèh has been created by Geckwin e.K based in Wiehl, Germany, one of the largest brands in Europe working in the innovative bag solutions market. Their primary focus is to consider the key elements of design, detail and style.

The design for the Somèh grooming and bandage bags were researched extensively prior to the final design and manufacture. The company consulted with horse owners and riders to understand their needs and requirements both from a day to day basis but also when travelling to competitions.