Anand Patel hasn’t had the most traditional of starts to his equestrian career.  Growing up in central London, in a non equestrian family, Anand counted down the hours until his weekly riding lesson.

From the young age of three, Anand learnt to ride in the local riding school for one lesson a week.  In an interview with Style Reins Magazine, Anand commented, “I wanted to get the evening out of the way so that Saturday morning would come and I could ride.  I rarely slept on a Friday night from excitement.”


As Anand grew older and his equestrian skills developed it fast became apparent that he possessed the natural talent of a rider, and what was once a hobby was fast turning into an obsession

Despite following the various equestrian disciplines it was always the Dressage that caught Anand’s imagination and captured his heart.  Spending hours watching videos of the dressage greats such as Anky Van Grunsven and Carl Hester, and taking mini breaks to Hickstead, the love for dressage grew stronger.

Anand volunteered at the local equestrian centre, working all day in return for additional riding lessons.  At the earliest possible point Anand took his British Horse Society Stage 1, passing with no faults.  This marked the start of a journey into teaching others and further study to take his Stage 2.


During a gap year from University Anand studied for his BHS Stage 3 whilst managing a yard, ahead of moving to Bristol to study for a Masters Degree in Corporate Law.  However, Anand didn’t move to Bristol alone, a rangy chestnut accompanied him, allowing him to further his riding career whilst continuing his education.

Following graduating from Bristol Anand moved back to the outskirts of London, to the beautiful Essex countryside, where he was in the fortunate position to be able to acquire and open his own yard – Tower Hill Equestrian.

A long way from where it all started Anand now trains with those dressage greats that he once watched online, regularly making the trip to Gloucestershire to train with Olympic Gold Medallist Carl Hester and regularly hosting Dutch dressage guru Kebie Van Der Heijden.

The future is certainly bright, and quite orange, for Tower Hill Equestrian, with eyes on competing at Grand Prix level in the near future. With a super string of horses to his name, Anand has his hopes and dreams firmly set on competing at The Olympia London International Horse Show.